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Aranui Adventure Cruises

16 Reviews
Aranui Adventure Cruises

About Aranui Adventure Cruises

The one-ship line's current vessel, Aranui 5, was built in China in 2015. Dubbed a "deluxe freighter," the 108-cabin, 254-passenger vessel transports cargo and passengers through French Polynesia.

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  • Do I have to dress up on a Aranui Adventure cruise?


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Aranui Adventure Cruises Tips, Activities, and Overview

Who goes on Aranui Adventure cruise ships?

Demographics vary slightly with each sailing, but most passengers come from France and Germany, with a smattering of Aussies, Kiwis, Canadians and Americans. Most are older couples (baby boomers and active seniors), but there are a few families, younger adults and solo travelers, as well; the latter two groups usually opt for dorm-style cabins to keep costs down.

Aranui passengers are typically well-traveled and curious, and they place a premium on port exploration and discovering Polynesian history and culture over having a luxury cruise experience.

French is the ship's official language, but the multilingual crew also offers announcements, port briefings and excursions in English and German.

Do I have to dress up on a Aranui Adventure cruise?

Not at all. The dress code is casual with an emphasis on items that are both comfortable and easily washable. Bring along a sweatshirt or a light sweater for the evenings when the temperatures dip, as well as a raincoat or poncho for wet weather days.

Don't bring any dry clean only items. Although there is a washer and a dryer onboard, no dry cleaning is available.

Is everything free on Aranui Adventure cruises?

No, but a lot is. All of your meals are included in the price of the cruise and you can wash it all down with complimentary wine included for both lunch and dinner; filtered water is available from machines all the time. One complimentary guided shore excursion is offered at every port, plus if you're headed out on a shore excursion, you will be provided with either a picnic lunch or a meal at a local restaurant. Enrichment activities onboard are also all included.

Extra fees include beverages outside of lunch and dinner, personal purchases, spa treatments and pre-/post-cruise transfers.

What are Aranui Adventure’s most popular activities?

Shore excursions are by far the most popular activity for Aranui passengers, and an array of options has been designed to reveal the South Pacific's colorful history and culture, including an included excursion of island highlights that might feature a stop at an archaeological site, live traditional dancing, music demonstrations and strolls through tiny beachfront villages.

Onboard, cruisers enjoy taking part in anything that brings them closer to the destination, including Polynesian dance and stretching classes by the pool, lei (flower garland) and hei (flower crown) tutorials, and palm leaf-weaving workshops.

Why go with Aranui Adventure?

  • Unique cruising experience on a freighter/cruise ship hybrid.
  • Only ship calling at all six inhabited Marquesas Islands.
  • All-Polynesian crew brings sense of destination the moment you step onboard.

Best for: Adventurous travelers seeking a truly cultural experience in a remote corner of the world

Not for: Big-ship cruisers looking for lots of onboard activity and extensive dining options

Aranui Adventure Cruises Cruiser Reviews

Closely research before committing to Aranui 5

As expected no big ship entertainment - however, access to the library for games restricted to 1 hour per day is plain silly.We are glad that many previous reviewers had a great time on this ship.Read More

many10+ Cruises

Age 71s

Overall Amazing

Local driver on one outing dropped us off, but was not found at end of tour (he had gone home to eat and had to be called back).Local driver on another outing would not let us roll down windows because he had a new truck and didn't want our filthy fingerprints on the paint and insisted on having his radio on at full blast so no conversation was possible.....Read More

oneFirst Time Cruiser

Age 70s


Very few N American's on the trip but all passengers were great and with great attitudes, met some really nice and very fun people.I did over the last year read and re-read all the reviews and thought the "Hamiltonlovebirds" did a great job in suggesting items to bring...Read More

couple2-5 Cruises

Age 70s

Excellent experience in the Marquesan islands

Besides the excursions to archaeological sites, the on-board entertainment consisted of watching the freight being unloaded in the early mornings and a couple of nights of Marquesan dancing on the pool deck and ukelele/singing in the pub.There was only assigned seating for a couple of groups.Read More
Former RV Traveler

couple2-5 Cruises

Age 70s

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